Make learning as part of every student's life

Our rapidly moving, information-based society strongly needs people who know how to find answers by themselves rather than simply memorize them and people who know how to cope up with changes in strategic ways. Your school should be where they will come from.

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Let us build an effective learning platform together.

We will study what you and your students need and devise a learning management system for you. We will take advantage of the technology to adapt to your student's diversity, differences, and lifestyles.

Learning Management System

We will create an entirely customizable learning platform from scratch and design it based on your needs.


The learning platform will be designed to match your school branding and identity.

Easy to use

We will create a platform that is not just user-friendly but is also fully adaptive to the user's needs.

New Technology

Users can experience advanced features based on trends by using the most innovative technology on your platform.

Admin Controls

Get full access and control to your learning management system including database management, resources, video lectures and student's account activation.

Large Storage

The system can store every file you need including video lectures, resources, student profile and the like with full security and safety.

Dedicated Support

We will never be out of the picture. We will always be there to cater your needs should there be technical, marketing and planning concerns.

Actual Report

The system can provide real-time report(s) of your student's performance, attendance and activity(ies) so there will be no problem in guiding them even when they are at home.

Fully responsive

The learning platform is easily accessible and available for all devices such as personal computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Using Software

About MSmart Learning

We are committed to increase the level of learning experience. We develop software(s) primarily for review centers and educational institutions. We provide mobile applications and any necessity highly recommended to have in the area of information and technology.

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Mission and Vision

To build a platform that helps students not just to study outside their school and review center, but also to create a way on how they can understand each academic topic creatively, efficiently, and effectively.

Be a pioneer in using technology as a forefront in improving the learning skills of students both from academic institutions and review centers.

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Other Additional Services

Our goal is to make education interesting and innovative. Send us a message to know more what other service(s) we can offer for you.

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We will do things together. Feel free to contact us whenever you need our assistance.

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